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When it comes to healthcare, efficient and reliable communication is very crucial and even more in that industry where communications solution has a big effect on the quality and safety of patient care and satisfaction.

Your business can’t afford to lose production time or jeopardize mission-critical data because vulnerabilities have been introduced into your systems. Information Technology Consulting (ITIC) found that a single hour of downtime cost 98% of companies $100,000 or more.

For a large and growing segment of the workforce, the desk phone does indeed represent a relic of a different time. But, for many others, the desk phone still meets the need for simplicity, quality, and ease of use.

As a result of this distance, friends and families are relying on technology more than ever to connect and communicate.

Video conferencing slowly gained traction over the last decade as technologies advanced and prices dropped. At the same time, business travel also saw a paralleled increase.

Understanding the differences between on-premises PBX and hosted PBX, as well as their costs and risks for your organization can help you make a more informed decision about which system to implement.

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Helpful tips in organizing a Virtual Event

With more and more companies shifting resources to virtual events, we compiled this quick and handy guide on how to create a successful virtual event for your company.

You’re in full control of your work environment––meaning you’re able to set up a home office that makes you most productive.

Organisations and Businesses planning to move into cloud solutions, frequently ask some questions regarding moving their system into a cloud based solutions.

Many people feel unsure about replacing a large meeting or lecture with a webcast. The concerns are reasonable: it’s a real nightmare when a meeting with 100+ attendees suffers from technological difficulties.

Call centers compete for top agents and clients while also seeking to provide the very best customer experience. Virtual Call Center Solutions can help. Call centers face many challenges. Agent attrition, tight budgets, and competition for market share are just the first few that come to mind. Yet, there are many ways virtual call center

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There are many benefits to a hosted system over a premise-based system, and companies are more educated on these features than they were when the technology first started to reach wide-acceptance.