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Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center enhances your customer service operations, helps you increase overall productivity

Multiple level-IVR

Give your customers a seamless experience every time they call you. Personalize, customize, sound professional with our Jamisi IVR solutions.

  • Sound professional
  • Route calls with ease
  • Reports and analytics
  • Smart Call routing
  • Interactive Voice Response


Intelligently route your calls to the best suited department and agent with Jamisi's Cloud Call Centre powered by advanced Automatic Call Distributor ACD System.

  • Call routing
  • Agent productivity
  • Reduced call wait times
  • Connect agents across
  • Organized chat room

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer software is a dialer software that helps businesses to automatically dial out a huge set of leads and saves significant time for your agents.

  • Improved Lead Generation
  • Easy feedback collection
  • PC and Web Client
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Queue Status

Efficiently manage your inbound, outbound or a combination customer call center!

A cloud contact centre software enables businesses to carry out their customer communications (calls, SMS) over the internet, without the need for an on-prem PBX phone system.

 With Jamisis Cloud Center Solutions, It is easier to set up and maintain, cost-efficient and gives businesses more control and visibility into their operations. Let us help give your customers a good experience Today!

Call Recording

Our call center software allows you to record calls, monitor them and make better business decisions. Also Helps in training agents and customer dispute resolution

  • Dual-channel recording
  • Performance monitoring
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Good Customer experience

Email Report

Know exactly how your team is performing over phone calls. Get a detailed daily report with call statistics for your company and individual agents using email reporting

  • Automatic reply
  • Auto-forward and redirection
  • Send copies of Messages
  • Automatic filing and retrieval of messages
  • Stored messages

Call Analytics

Think Google Analytics for your calls with our Cloud call center software. Get detailed analytics on all the campaigns you run with information status

  • Web tracking capabilities
  • Attribute-based call routing
  • Call Recording
  • Detailed call logs
  • Call tracking

All the Jamisi Unified Communications features are available also in the cloud. Cloud PBXs are activated with one click via the management interface.

One of our best selling solutions, is our Cloud PBX services which allows you to add a physical on-premise PBX for failover.