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Contact Centre

Transform customer engagement with Collaborative Contact Center

Call Queuing

You can have all incoming calls sorted in queues, based on predefined rules and availability of the agents to receive calls

  • Time-Based Call Routing
  • Custom Hold and Announcements
  • Maximum Hold Time and Rerouting
  • Queue Announcements
  • Hunt Groups

Call Recording

You can get all your calls recorded automatically, and you can access them anywhere and anytime

  • Record keeping
  • Control your sales associate
  • Be in the loop
  • Track sales analysis
  • Properly train staff


You will be able to integrate your phone system with a CRM, e-commerce solutions, or helpdesk tools to keep all relevant data

  • Caller information
  • Routing calls to other workstations
  • Controlling the phone system
  • Analyse customer data
  • Build up customer Relations

Instantly Connect your customers with available Agents!

Start conversations with customers across multiple touchpoints via voice, SMS, social, or email. Jamisi Contact Center provides true outbound omnichannel and inbound routing, allowing agents to connect with customers using their preferred communication.

Gain customer loyalty by delivering positive customer experiences with quick access to a live agent for two-way conversations in situations that are complex, urgent, or emotional.


Call History

A full overview of all customer interactions will always be within reach, so there’s no need to look them up in multiple systems

  • Employees call snapshot
  • Track transactions
  • Quick message response
  • Easy search by category
  • Automated deliver of calls


Allows you to call phone numbers without leaving the browser. The call widget detects phone numbers while you browse on the web

  • No number dailing
  • Easy track of conversation
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Customer convenience
  • Unlimited Channel

Power Dailer

It dials phone numbers one by one, leaving some time in between calls for your agents to make notes or prepare for the next call

  • Customized caller ID
  • Contact info preview
  • Call Campaign
  • One click voicemail
  • Whisper coaching

All the Jamisi Unified Communications features are available also in the cloud. Cloud PBXs are activated with one click via the management interface.

One of our best selling solutions, is our Cloud PBX services which allows you to add a physical on-premise PBX for failover.