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General Questions

The term “Unified Communications” refers to the systems that allow companies to access the tools they need for communication through a single application or service. That means companies can use instant messaging, email, faxing, VoIP and video collaboration from the same UI (User Interface). UC services can also include call monitoring, recording, and quality services.


Unified Communication and Collaboration, or UC&C adds collaboration services to the UC mix, such as file sharing tools, screen sharing, scheduling, and calendars.

The current business environment is in a persistent state of flux. The seemingly constant delivery of new innovations and technology has opened the door for something called “digital transformation” – the progression that businesses make from “traditional” methodologies to digital strategies. Embracing the right digital techniques allows companies to become more agile and innovative.

We at Jamisi Communications, offer Unified Communications and Collaboration facilitates that constantly create connections between team members in this “always on” digital environment. UC&C links dispersed employees with core resources, regardless of location or time.

Just as video conferencing enables the sharing of video in real-time, and audio-conferencing does the same with voice, web-conferencing allows for the instantaneous sharing of web-based content. Web conferencing may include sharing computer screens, individual applications, or content among multiple computers or mobile devices.

A web conferencing platform may be based on the cloud and delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Alternatively, your web conferencing services could run in your own private data centre or server room.

Virtual Call centres are one of the biggest adopters of UC&C technology. While chatbots, FAQs, and other services are beginning to reduce the number of people getting through to call centres these days, the calls that do get through can be more complicated and require specific assistance from the right agent.

UC&C technology allows agents to collaborate with various departments quickly to solve customer problems. By ensuring strong cross-departmental interactions, UC&C technology can help companies to deliver better customer experiences. To get up to speed on the latest customer experience technology read our call centre smart guide here.

Before you even begin looking at vendors, ask yourself what you want to accomplish with UC. What do your employees need to make them more productive? How will UC simplify your workflow, and make your business more efficient? Depending on your business, vertical and niche, you’re likely to have your own specific needs. For instance:

  • You may need a system that helps you to keep a highly-diverse and mobile workforce connected while they’re in the field.
  • You may be looking for a way to enable your teams to work together more efficiently, reducing costs and improving productivity.
  • You may want to boost collaboration with tools that allow people to work together on projects in a more streamlined way. 
  • All these are part of the services we offer at Jamisi Communications.

Specific Questions

Over the past few years, Unified Communications & Collaborations have helped thousands of businesses worldwide get convenient access to cross-channel communications including VoIP telephone, computers and mobile devices.

We at Jamisi Communications provide a world class range of future proof Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions that has:


  • Network infrastructure (firewalls, routers, switches)
  • IP phones
  • Hardware platform or a server
  • Applications and services including instant messaging, email, voicemail, CRM tools, cloud based and mobile apps and video conferencing tools.

1. SMS Pro Server Package API & HTTP
2. SMS Pro Server Package - API , HTTP, USSD, SMPP
3. SMPP Server add-on
4. USSD module
5. SMS Campaigner
6. SMS to eMail with SMTP
7. STK = Sim Tools Kit
8. Hyper Wallet

Yes. The Gateway can feature a PRI/E1 card, a VoIP card or both. For example: the
HG 4004G3HE can work with a VoIP PBX.
The HG 4104G3HE can work with a VoIP/E1 PBX.

1. Local Number Portability
2. Multi-SIM manager - 32 Channel or Smaller

Unified and Communications & Collaboration has a lot of features: presence, chat, single number reach, video, mobility, unified messaging, call center, multi-media communication streams and more. Keeping them all straight and learning how they function can be intimidating. But when it comes to learning and benefiting from Unified Communications & Collaboration, you're not on your own, we got you covered.