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General Questions

UC combines presence, messaging, communications, conferencing, and information sharing across multiple devices and communications modes -- with a rules engine that manages how it all works together. The idea is to be able to seamlessly connect with a consistent user interface, whenever and wherever you want

Voice is still the key component. The ability to make calls right from your documents (click-to-dial) is about to become "very real." Next will be the beginning of optimizing business processes, to actually change the way you work, to take advantage of UC.

The point of UC is to make it easier for people to communicate and collaborate, and that's more valuable the more people are connected to it. Ideally, customers and suppliers also should be integrated as much as possible.

Ideally, you get better collaboration, simplified communication (click to call or conference, for example), improved productivity, and smoother customer service. But the real payoff comes when companies use UC to streamline their workflows and business processes. 

Yes. UCaaS works with most mobile or PC devices and your existing network and carrier.

If your current network cannot support UCaaS, Jamisi can provide network services to enhance your network connectivity based upon the application. That said, UCaaS is cloud based, so whatever direction your organization is going, Jamisi Communications tools can come with you. 

Specific Questions

Jamisi Communications  has a lot of features: presence, chat, single number reach, video, mobility, unified messaging, contact center, multi-media communication streams and more. Keeping them all straight and learning how they function can be intimidating. This is where we come in to make sure you get the right tools.

Contact centres are one of the biggest adopters of UC&C technology. While chatbots, FAQs, and other services are beginning to reduce the number of people getting through to contact centres these days, the calls that do get through can be more complicated and require specific assistance from the right agent.

Whilst email is a modality of business communication, email generally sits outside of unified communications (UC).  However, it is imperative that email is well-integrated into your unified communications system.  Properly integrated email amplifies your UC platform, by ensuring that your calendar and contacts can be used for meeting scheduling, which also enables a one-click meeting join directly from your calendar. 

Hosted unified communications and UCaaS (unified communications as a service) are two different but similar methods of running a unified communications system or platform.  Hosted unified communications is when your system is hosted on a server that is not on your network, using the same software that would be used if you were hosting your platform on-premise

VoIP is an alternative communication system to traditional phone service. The internet-based adaptor is set up on-site, and businesses either manage the service on-premises or through their VoIP provider.

At the enterprise level, VoIP will include a swath of features such as virtual receptionist, call waiting, voicemail, three-way calling, and group conferencing.