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Jamisi offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible, and reliable.


We're offering a wide range of Communications and Collaboration tools

Video Conferencing

Coordinating and virtually meeting is made simple with impromptu, scheduled, recurring, and reservation-less audio and video conference.

  • Face to face video interactions
  • Multiple Webcam Capabilities
  • Unlimited Recording
  • Chat Features
  • Remote control

Instant Messaging

Empowering employee connectivity collaboration with quick, easy, and secure access to instant messaging on their favorite device.

  • Group Chat.
  • Unlimited Size File Transfer.
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Video Chat.
  • Organized chat room

Contact Centre

A 100% scalable cloud contact center solution that puts your customers in the driver’s seat of their interactions with your company.

  • Call Recording
  • Software Integration
  • PC and Web Client
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Queue Status

Powerful Solution, User-Friendly Features and Affordable Pricing!

Whether you have one or twenty locations, business communication solutions link locations, people, and customers under one single, user-friendly system.

Powered by enterprise-grade technology, small to mid-size businesses are able to enjoy centralized management.

Audio & Video Calling

Simplifying employee communication on any device, from any location, audio and video calling synchronizes teams across business and work places.

  • Share you screen
  • Connect with colleagues anywhere
  • Call recording
  • Broadcast internal events
  • Share files

Chatbox Platform

We Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps to help have an instant interaction with customers.

  • Automation / bots.
  • CRM integration.
  • Collect and confirm customer data.
  • Contact history.
  • Create invoices.

File Sharing

We offer tools for file sharing in the cloud, with drag-and-drop facility from your desktop to browser, so your files are automatically uploaded to the cloud

  • File transmission.
  • Data Storage.
  • Dashboards.
  • Password Protection
  • Data Recovery

All the Jamisi Unified Communications features are available also in the cloud. Cloud PBXs are activated with one click via the management interface.

One of our best selling solutions, is our Cloud PBX services which allows you to add a physical on-premise PBX for failover.